Dental Implants

Stable Teeth Replacement

Missing sections of our smile can have an adverse effect on the rest of our oral structure as the condition often causes surrounding teeth to shift towards the gap. The vital underlying jawbone is additionally affected due to the absent tooth root, which had previously stimulated adequate bone density.

A weak jaw is a progressive issue which can begin to affect our physical appearance if left untreated. At Roger Bermingham, DDS, we provide dental implant restorations and work with local specialists, called prosthodontists, to replace an entire tooth structure from crown to root.     

Implant Posts

The base of a dental implant is a post, typically made of titanium and is effective in supporting the top components for years. Placing an implant post may only be performed by a prosthodontist surgeon, but all top portion restorations, or crowns, are placed right here in our office.

Initial Consultation for Dental Implants

Dr. Bermingham recommends patients with missing teeth receive implants to prevent future complications such as bone resorption. Resorption occurs when the underlying jawbone breaks down from insufficient stimulation, then is released into the bloodstream.

The process to receive dental implants starts with a review of your medical history, the conditions surrounding the missing tooth, and current jawbone density. Digital X-rays are also taken to get an in-depth view of the structure of your smile.  

The entire process requires only two to three visits completed over a period of a few months to a year. Much of this time is spent waiting for the soft-tissue to heal around the post, and the fabrication of the custom crown.

A Replacement for a Lifetime

Our trusted local surgeons share our passion and are personally selected by Dr. Bermingham to ensure our patients are receiving premier service. We want your dental implants to last for decades and we regularly evaluate them during each check-up.  

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